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New 19" Studio Rack Cabinet with Closed Sides - Server Cabinet

Product no.: MRFGS

19" Studio rack cabinet with removable sides

Pleasing design and very robust. Where a front door would restrict access to the mounted equipment. Integrarted Rack Profiles back and front.

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New Mobile 19" Rack Cabinet 6U - 12U in modern design

Product no.: MRFGM

Transportable 19" Racks with Quick release front and rear covers. Light weight but very robust. Allows the safe transport of 19" equipment with out sacrificing the pleasing optic of a  stationary cabinet. Ideal where your equipment is used on different locations.

6U x 290mm & 12U x 440mm

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New Rack Magic Office - 19" Cabinet enclosed 12U & 6U with Glass Door

Product no.: MRFG

Robust 19" rack cabinet with safety glass door in modern design.

Optically pleasing design and very robust. Cable porting is integrated the front rack columns. Fully assembled.

Ideal for a modern office environment

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New 19" Wall or Desktop Cabinet - 5U - 250mm depth - Network, Server, Studio, Laboratory, Studio

Product no.: ER 19

19" Cabinet in 250mm depth Network Cabinet

These attractive 19" Racks are robust, light weight and economical. Ideal for studio or industry - Wall or Desk Top Cabinet - Network Rack

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